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From Weeds to Wows: Experience Property Perfection with PPS Europe!

Enjoy Your Holiday Home Stress-Free – Let Us Handle the Rest!

Owning a holiday home in Europe should be a dream come true, but for many, it becomes a maintenance nightmare

Neglected Gardens

Is your property suffering from neglect due to the challenges of long-distance ownership and lack of time?

Not EnoughTime

Do you find yourself overwhelmed by tasks like grass cutting, hedge trimming, and pool maintenance, that steal those precious moments from your holiday?

Lingering Repairs

Are small repair projects piling up, causing frustration and interrupting your relaxing break?

Discover the stress-free path to holiday home ownership with our expert property management services

Looking After Your “Home From Home”

Our team of dedicated professionals will handle all maintenance and repairs, ensuring your property always shines

We get it, looking after your “home away from home” can be stressful

PPS Europe, your partner in hassle-free holiday home ownership since 2008. We specialize in all aspects of property maintenance, including grass cutting, hedge trimming, pool maintenance, gardening, and small repairs.

Landscaping Excellence

Our expert team ensures your gardens thrive, enhancing the beauty of your holiday haven.

Time Freedom

Reclaim your holiday time as we handle all the maintenance tasks, allowing you to relax and rejuvenate.

Prompt Repairs

Say goodbye to lingering repair issues. We fix small problems quickly, so they never become big headaches.

Imagine arriving at your holiday home to be greeted by a perfectly maintained property. All you have to do is relax, unwind and enjoy your break.

Visual Transparency, Even from Afar

Stay In Control with Photo Documentation of Every Task

Our property managers provide comprehensive photo documentation of all work carried out on your property

Remote Oversight

Stay in the know without leaving your home. Access photos online to remotely monitor the progress and quality of maintenance and repairs

Peace of Mind

Have peace of mind knowing that every task is visually documented, ensuring transparency and accountability in property management

Hassle-Free Ownership

Enjoy hassle-free property ownership as you can track all work, verify its completion, and make informed decisions from anywhere in the world

Positive reviews from satisfied holiday home owners

"As an average our income since Prestige’s appointment has increased 3.5 fold over the average of the previous 7 years when we were using ourselves or other agents.."
Peter Langton
"I can't recommend PPS highly enough. They take away all the hassle of being a holiday home owner. I'll happily give them a 5 star review. Give them a call, you won't regret it"
Jonathan Brooks
"Working with PPS has given our home wider visibility. This has generated 11 weeks rental this year. Initially the Taxes de Sejour was not being collected in all cases and we were out of pocket. Now however, PPS collect the Taxes de Sejour or add it to the rental "
Mick and Sharon Sturland
Shropshire UK

Trustworthy Property Managers

At PPS Europe, we prioritise your peace of mind. That's why all our property managers come with the highest level of trust and professionalism. Here's what sets our team apart:

Police Checked

Each of our property managers undergoes a thorough police background check. We believe that your safety and security should never be compromised

Fully Insured

We understand the importance of protecting your valuable assets. Our property managers are fully insured, ensuring that you are safeguarded against any unforeseen events

Registered to Work in Europe

Our team is registered and certified to work in Europe, providing you with the confidence that your property is in the hands of qualified professionals who understand the local regulations and requirements

Rest easy, knowing that when you choose PPS Europe, you’re working with a team of trusted and qualified experts dedicated to the care and management of your property. Your peace of mind is our top priority

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

Your satisfaction is our utmost priority. We stand by the quality of our work and are committed to delivering exceptional service. That’s why we offer a satisfaction guarantee:

Our Promise: If the Agreed Work Isn’t Completed to Your Satisfaction, We Will Put It Right Without Additional Charge.

We understand that your property deserves nothing less than perfection, and we are dedicated to achieving that standard. If you ever feel that our work falls short of your expectations, simply let us know. We’ll make it right promptly and without any extra cost to you.

Your peace of mind and confidence in our services matter to us. With our satisfaction guarantee, you can trust that your property is in the hands of a team that’s fully committed to ensuring your complete satisfaction.

Choose PPS Europe with confidence, knowing that we are here to provide you with the best property management experience possible.

Discover the PPS Europe Difference

At PPS Europe, we understand that owning a holiday home in Europe is a dream come true. However, we also know that it comes with some unique challenges that can quickly turn your dream into a nightmare.

Long distance ownership can often lead to neglect, leaving your property to slowly lose its charm. And your precious holiday moments can often be consumed by tiresome tasks like grass cutting, hedge trimming, and pool maintenance. Small repairs can become nagging problems, interrupting your relaxation and ruining the magic of your dream holiday escape.

It’s not right that your once-thriving gardens are now a shadow of their former beauty. It’s not right that your precious holiday time is devoured by chores. And it’s certainly not right that you’re left with lingering repairs that dampen your spirits. Your holiday home should be your castle, not your prison.

PPS Europe, the trusted partner in holiday home maintenance since 2008, are here to make it right. Our expert team ensures your gardens thrive, restoring the beauty of your holiday haven. Reclaim your holiday time as we handle all the maintenance tasks, so you can relax, rejuvenate and say goodbye to any lingering repair issues. We fix small problems promptly, so they never become big headaches.

Experience the Ultimate in Holiday Home Transformations Trust PPS Europe to make it right, so you can enjoy your European escape to the fullest.

Ready to experience the ultimate holiday home transformation?

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